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The Importance of Boating Safety: Summer Safety Tips

Boating Tips for Summer Safety  Now that it is summer there are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities to take part in such as biking, hiking, and water sports. Many aquatic activities include the use of a boat, which can be a serious liability if not taken care of and controlled properly. As with […]

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Firework Safety during the Fourth of July-Summer Safety Tips

The beginning of July is full of patriotism and plenty of fun. Laughter, fireworks, and the old red, white, and blue. However, it is still necessary to be precautious when taking part in the annual traditions that summer and the fourth of July bring. This includes the safe and responsible use of fireworks. Here are […]

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Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

Deadly traffic crashes are becoming more and more frequent due to a lack of safe driving. In fact, there has been nearly a 50 percent increase of fatalities on Rhode Island roads compared to last year. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation believes that the increase in crashes can partially be attributed to the increase of […]

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RECALL UPDATE: Subaru, General Motors, Toyota, Tesla, Jeep

  RECALL UPDATE: Subaru, General Motors, Toyota, Tesla, Jeep It is important to be aware of recalls for the products you own to limit the chance of injury to yourself and also lower the risk of harm to others. If you stay informed about the products you are using you have a decreased probability of […]

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A Month of Thanks and Giving On Tuesday, November 21st, Rob Levine along with members of the Rob Levine and Associates team made families smile.  Attorney Rob Levine and team delivered Thanksgiving dinner – the works—to 100 families in Central Falls.  The families were selected with the help of Beth Tanner of the Central Falls School […]

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