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With their massive size, an 18 wheeler can inflict serious damage. They are everywhere on the road, and statistics show they are very dangerous. In fact, tens of thousands of people are involved in accidents with large trucks every year, and there is a shockingly high rate of mortality in these cases.

Did you know that a large truck can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds? That is an incredible amount of mass and force hurtling down the highway, and when they wreck, the damage is often catastrophic.

Have you been hurt in an accident with a big rig? Call the Brockton truck accident lawyer, Rob Levine, right now.



Our Brockton Truck Accident Lawyer Fights Back

Truck accident litigation is a special area of law. Different rules apply here than in other accident cases. As a result, you should always seek the legal advice of of a truck accident lawyer to give your claim the best chances of success.

Our aim is to get you the most complete damage compensation. This includes your lost time at work, medical bills and pain and suffering. You may even be entitled to additional damages if you will be dealing with long-term disabilities from your injuries.


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