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SS Benefits

Have you Been Denied Disability?  Don’t Know Where to Start?  Let Us Help.

Need help understanding the process?  Disability benefits are some of the most difficult social security benefits to claim.  Less than 30% of applicants are accepted the first time they file, and annual acceptance rates are less than 50% overall.  Hundreds of legitimate disability claims are denied every year, often because the forms are long, complicated, and those filling them out don’t even realize they didn’t complete them correctly.  Contact the Social Security Disability Team at Rob Levine & Associates to get the help you need.  The Rob Levine Team will help you understand your rights and eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.

Get your Free Evaluation today!

Schedule a Free Evaluation of your claim today.  Once the evaluation is completed and our case is accepted, you will work with our Social Security Disability Team Members to help you through the paperwork and the entire process.  Our goal is to get you approved for the benefits you deserve!

The Complete Guide to Social Security Disability

Do I Need a Disability Attorney?

What Does a Disability Lawyer Cost?

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